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Building Wealth Using the Power of Credit Spread Options

Welcome To My Website - Index Credit Spreads and Iron Condor Trading

My goal is to provide relevant commentary on topics of options investing and risk management in a format that is easy to understand and thought provoking.

I am an active trader of option credit spreads on the SPX, NDX and RUT broad based stock indexes and the SPY, QQQQ, DIA, and IWM ETF indexes. My goal is to complete one very safe Iron Condor trade monthly. I am offering an advisory service to subscribers who want to trade option credit spreads and Iron Condor trades with me. I am very conservative and only enter into trades that have a very high probability of being profitable.

Index Creit Spreads and Iron CondorsMy purpose is to make it EASY and SAFE for you to build your wealth using the power of credit spread options. I want to help you avoid the painful mistakes most beginning traders (and many experienced traders) make. You just process my trades to earn a very consistent monthly return. I know once you try my service, you’ll find it to be the most easy and profitable way to build wealth you have ever discovered. That’s why I want you to try it ABSOLUTELY FREE for 60 days. Just sign up for my service and you will immediately receive all my active trades. You can start investing right away, or just follow my trades "on paper" for 60 days. If you are not convinced this Trading Strategy is the safest, easiest way to build wealth, simply tell me you want to cancel, and you won't be charged a dime.

While I show you how to make consistent monthly profits with options, I also teach you something more important. And that is how to effectively manage your money, so when a trade is at risk, your losses are kept to an absolute minimum.

Please  Contact Me  and I will send you examples of recent trades. I reply immediately to all my emails if I am at my office computer or using my laptop. If I am away from Internet access I promise to reply within 12 hours.

My advisory service is unique in 3 ways;

       1) You can try my service for 60 days, or 2 full months, before paying any subscription fees. I suggest you paper trade all the trade alerts I email and post to the members page during this trial. If you have any questions about how to process these trades I want you to send me an email. I will do my best to help you including sending you a flash movie with audio instructions illustrating the type of trade or trades being questioned. Click here to play a flash movie.

       2) And if you feel you need a little more time to try my service just send me an email and I will extend your trial an additional 60 days, or however long it takes. I want every new subscriber to know exactly what they are doing before they start trading credit spreads and Iron Condors live with their own funds.

       3) I reimburse all subscription fees when I have a losing month. This will be a rare occurrence because all my trades are implemented with very strict risk management strategies.

Benefits Trading Credit Spreads and Iron Condors Benefits of My Service, Credit Spread Trading and Iron Condors